To start your submission, please review the following acknowledgment. Please note that you will also be required to certify, under penalty of perjury, this acknowledgment before you will be able to complete your online Claim Form.

  1. If you are not represented by legal counsel, you acknowledge that you are entitled to consult with an attorney to assist with the Process. By submitting this Claim Form without an attorney’s certification, you declare that you are not represented by an attorney for this Settlement or in the Process.

    If you are represented by legal counsel in this Process, your attorney must submit your Process Claim and your attorney will certify this Claim Form. If you have an attorney certify this Claim Form, you thereby grant your attorney full authority to act on your behalf to submit a Claims Package and communicate with the Claims Administrator and other persons specified in the Agreement on your behalf. You further acknowledge that after consulting with legal counsel you have instructed your attorney to submit your Claims Package. If your attorney is not on the Executive Committee appointed in the MDL Litigation, twelve percent (12%) of your Settlement Payment will be withheld, and your legal counsel must reduce the amount of fees you otherwise owe your legal counsel on a dollar per dollar basis equal to twelve percent (12%) of your Settlement Payment. You will look solely to your attorney for any Settlement Payment issued to your attorney on your behalf.

  2. By enrolling in the Settlement Process, you thereby agree to the terms of the Settlement Agreement. If you have filed a lawsuit related to the claims at issue in this Settlement, you authorize your legal counsel to certify and submit a Stipulation of Dismissal With Prejudice and agree to cooperate fully and promptly to provide any other form of Stipulation of Dismissal With Prejudice.
  3. You acknowledge that you may submit only one Claim Form per unique individual or entity. For instance, an individual may file their own Claim Form and a distinct business entity that individual owns may file its own Claim Form. If you submit more than one Claim Form per person or entity, any settlement payment may be substantially delayed. You acknowledge that knowing and intentional efforts to submit multiple claims may result in the forfeiture of benefits under the Agreement and require you to pay certain costs.
  4. You agree that by submitting a Claim Form, that constitutes consent to obtain information regarding IP addresses from Internet Providers.
  5. You acknowledge that to be eligible to participate in the Agreement, you must be a Person in the United States, who in one or more of the 2015 through 2020 growing seasons, was a Producer of soybeans for commercial purposes when soybeans exhibited dicamba symptomology during one or more of these years that to the best of your knowledge and belief was due to dicamba applications by third parties to dicamba-tolerant soybeans.
  6. You promise to fully disclose any money you have received from third parties, including insurance companies, for yield loss to any Affected Field for which you submit a Claim Form.
  7. You acknowledge that to participate in the Settlement you must execute a Release and Incorporation of Settlement (the “Release”) that impacts your legal rights regarding claims you may have against Monsanto Released Parties and certain Additional Released Parties as set forth specifically in the Release and that you have a right to consult legal counsel regarding the Release. You further acknowledge that nothing in the Agreement alters, amends, or limits the rights or defenses of Monsanto under applicable law, or the limitations on potential claims contained within product packaging, instructions, or license agreements between you and any Monsanto Released Party.
  8. If you are a corporate entity, the person certifying on your behalf represents and warrants that they are authorized to bind the entity.